Discover how the ROAR
Advice Marketplace can work for you

Financial Advisers
Financial Advisers
  • Create your own financial planning eco-system
  • Access to CRM, workflows and file noting
  • Generate advice documents (SOAs/ROAs)
  • Convert your own excel tools to web applications
  • Provide your Advisers with flexibility and choice of technology without compromising licensee oversight
  • Customised licensee Fact Finds and SOA/ROA templates
  • Access to CRM, workflow and file noting for licensee’s own record keeping
  • Ease of monitoring and supervision of Advisers
Integration Partners
Integration Partners
  • Join the community of Fintechs within the Marketplace
  • Reduce the cost of integration to multiple software providers through just one integration with ROAR
  • Access to an established Adviser/user base

Core features at a glance

Simplified CRM and customised workflows

Store all your client information and file notes in one place that can easily be shared with your team and design your own workflows in our easy drag-and-drop environment.

Robust record keeping made simple

Keep comprehensive file notes for clients in the CRM. In addition, a history of detailed product research can be easily accessible and recalled for compliance auditing purposes.

Choose Apps in the Advice Marketplace

Subscribe to a range of Apps to form your own financial planning software, from client engagement & risk profiling, to product research & modelling, to SOA generation.

Connect your own tools to ROAR

Your competitive edge is how you provide advice. We can convert your unique ideas, tools or calculators into online apps which connect with other apps for just your use within ROAR.


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Some of the Clients We Work with

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