Website Management Solutiont

Create tailored engaging websites quickly using a simple wizard process with no website knowledge.

Centrally manage and broadcast information across your entire website with the touch of a button.

The intuitive and powerful Canvas solution has been used by financial services businesses of all sizes to create and manage websites with ease.

Benefits of Canvas

Simple 6 Step Wizard

Facilitate the creation of brilliant websites in minutes using a simple 6-step wizard.

Reduce Costs

Customise content without the need to consult a designer or programmer, significantly reducing your maintenance costs.

Efficient Broadcasting

Easily broadcast information to all your websites.

How some of Our Clients have used Canvas

Advantage 1

Licensees are providing their advice practices with a cost-effective website solution that can be up and running quickly in six easy steps with the licensee’s compliance framework embedded in the website.

Advantage 2

Licensees are centrally managing hundreds of adviser portal and practice websites and are able to broadcast news, dealer compliance requirements, advice standards, education requirements (e-learning), new products, policies and procedures, legislative updates, compliance wording on the website, etc.

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